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Dry Cleaning in Greater Lake George & Saratoga Region

Professional Dry Cleaning and Laundry Services

Your professional dry cleaning needs are surpassed by our team of professionals. We specialize in fabrics ranging from natural wool, linen, cotton, and silk to synthetics such as rayon, nylon, and polyester. All garments are inspected for stains and pre-spotted upon arrival. After cleaning in our environmentally friendly solvent, each garment is hand pressed, ensuring a high quality finish you expect and require to look your best. You can rest assured knowing we will take great care when processing your duvet covers, comforters, bed spreads, and blankets. Our professional, hand-finished shirt service keeps you looking fresh and crisp. Leather and suede cleaning allows your garment to breathe, extending the life of the fabric and ensures you continue to have the look you wanted when it was first purchased. Area rug cleaning is also available. Since many area rugs are large and cumbersome, we provide a pick-up and delivery service to your home or office. Alterations and repairs are another available service. In addition to cleaning and pressing your drapes, we provide not only a pick-up and delivery service, but can also take down and rehang your drapes. Residential wash, dry, and fold is a service we provide to those who have difficulty doing their own laundry or prefer to spend their time doing more fruitful and fun things in life.


After your special occasion we will clean, press, and preserve your garment. We take great pride and care in preserving your special memories. Our preservation includes nitrogen infusion in a sealed box with a view panel and double cover protection. Call us today for free estimates.
Wedding Dress - Drapery Cleaning in Warrensburg, NY


Our clean, bright, comfortable, and spacious laundromats are equipped with just the right size washer for your needs ranging from single-loader capacity to 50 pound five-loader capacity washers. For those who wish to relax, read, or do paperwork there is a quiet room. Vending products such as soap, bleach, softener, bags, soda, and assorted snacks are available. Plenty of drying power is provided by our disability compliant 18 stacked high efficiency dryers. The entire premises are air conditioned for added comfort. Ample off-street parking is available.